Introduction to the


Watch this comprehensive video to learn about the lily flower essences as a medicine wheel, the wheel of life, an ongoing spiral of personal transformation. The Lily Circle accompanies us on our journey from birth to death, and through all stages of becoming and passing in daily life. Lily essences enhance intuition, spiritual aspirations and female consciousness. They are also important in addressing fertility and relationship issues for men and women alike. Easy to use, they can help us overcome the challenges of our lives. This video from a class at Flower Power herb store covers every essence of the Lily Circle in its main uses, including stories and cases to illustrate.

$ 15 - 2 hours,

with essence chart

How to Use Flower Essences -

Different Applications

In this practical video, Julia Graves explains how to use flower essences directly from the bottle (stock), how to make your own custom blend (dose), as well as how to use flower essences internally, externally, for chakra healing, in a mister, bath, in creme or shampoo. It also covers how to treat babies, children, animals and plants, and for those who wish to avoid alcohol a thorough explanation of how to prepare different forms of alcohol-free preparations (water-based, in glycerine or vinegar). This 1 hour video includes a class handout. It is best watched together with the 

Introduction to the Lily Circle video.

1 hour, $ 15 including handout

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Making Advanced Flower Essence Combinations

In this class, Julia Graves explains make a superior flower essence combination based on  diagnostics of the energy body to match that with the energy of the flower essence for quantum leap healing. This includes considering different layers of emotional states, states of shock,  rebalancing aura and chakras, the flowers' botanical properties and much more. 

2 hours, $ 55