The Language of Plants

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A perfect complement to reading the popular classic The Language of Plants, this class series is not only for lazy readers. It takes you beyond the book into the realm of applying all of the elements of this holistic and artistic language to actual plants in in-depth plant studies. This comprehensive study course contains hours of video classes in classroom settings as well as outdoors, and audio recordings with slide show. It contains discussions about many different  medicinal plants, a lot of them of aromatic plants used in aromatherapy. The course covers lecture time as well as exercises. It addresses different types of signatures such as organ, disease and spiritual signatures, and covers the concept of the Language of Plants as a poetic expression in detail. Taking the concept much beyond the medieval doctrine of signatures to a truly universal concept, it addresses how the action on the elements and tissue states can be read from a plant, as well as how all of this is an expression of the spiritual truth "as above, so below". Bridging the gap into the green world, we discover that we are much closer to plants than we thought. Including examples about medical astrology and signatures as well as practical advice for using the plants, these classes are very rich in information, especially for practitioners. 

"Nature talks to us with a sign language. Being able to read it was regarded as literacy by all peoples living in nature. This course will open your eyes and you will never see plants in the same way again." 

 - Julia Graves 

The course contains over 6 hours of video classes and 3 hours of audio tracks with slide show. 

USD 150

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