The Language of Plants 

Lecture in 5 parts

In this workshop, Julia introduces the concept of the Language of Plants (part 1). This includes in which way it is poetic, giving the example of the "poem of the rose" (part 2). Interwoven is a mental exercise to think about a fir or spruce, a Christmas tree (fir or spruce) continued in part 3. Part 4 covers reading the signatures of common medicinals such as nettles, burdock, poke, and linden. Part 5 continues with the signature of well-known fruits and roots such as Horse Chestnut and Orange. 

The Language of Plants NYC
part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

In this lecture to aromatherapists, Julia introduces the Language of Plants and then continues teaching in a park. It includes a discussion on medical astrology and plants. The rose, lavender, fir, and other aromatic plants such as eucalyptus, rosemary and cypress, as well as plants used in aromatherapy such as olive, calendula, echinacea, etc.

The Language of Plants 
part 1, 2, 3, and 4

The Language of Plants - Opening Our Eyes to Nature

In this lecture, Julia covers the signatures of clove, angelica, lavender, pine, chamomile, and rose in detail. It explains the difference between using these plants as herbs versus as essential oils.

The Language of Plants -
Opening Our Eyes to Nature

The Language of Plants - 

Nature Alive

In this talk, Julia explains the origins of the doctrine of signatures and how Paracelsus thought about it. It covers Angelica, Onion, Queen Anne's Lace, Iceland Moss, Lady's Slippers, Sage, Cacao, Corn, Bloodroot, Blessed Thistle, Echinacea, Plantain, and Hisbiscus, explaining the signatures as well as the herbal use.  

Nature Alive
part 1 and 2 

Disease  Signature

Mostly, what ​we think of when we look at signatures are signatures of the healthy body such as organ signatures. In this talk, Julia goes into the details of signatures pointing towards diseases and sick tissue states. 

In this short recording on Spiritual Signature, Julia explains the spiritual signature of umbels (Onion) and pseudo-umbels (Saint John's Wort, Elder).

Spiritual Signature - Julia Gravest
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