Water Birth


Antiviral Solutions 

(also for delivery)

 Everything from the Antiviral Essential Oils class  applied to pregnant women preparing for birth at home or at the hospital, what to put into a self-help kit to take to the hospital. This applies to anyone going to the hospital to protect themselves from infections there, whether as a visitor or patient.  Also using foods, herbs and flower essences for the pre- and post-natal period. 

2 hours 

$ 25  

Cosmetic Oils



Essential Oils

Practical Aromatherapy

 Aromatherapy has more known and clinically proven antiviral substances than any other treatment modality. This class teaches all you need to know about essential oils and how to use them to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Use them against viruses, to boost immunity, disinfect the air, hands, surfaces, masks, and learn how to reduce the risk of infection and severity of the viral infection.


1 1/2 hour 

$ 35